What Can We Do For YOU?

What would make your job as an educator most satisfying?


* Students' increased learning? 

* Building positive relationships? 

* Making a positive difference in your students' future? 

* Students loving school?

* Eliminate reward systems?

* Eliminate punishments

* Improve your well-being

* Helping your students succeed behaviorally

You can have ALLLL of that!!  It all boils down to a NEW way of building a caring and efficient classroom environment that cultivates learning!


Pamela Tseu - M.Ed Curriculum and Instruction, B. Ed SPED/Elem, B.S. Mgt

I've been an educator for over 30 years in elementary school to consulting teachers and honed in on classroom management because of my OWN failures!  

Thinking back, I thought I had excellent classroom management because of 99% passing rate on state assessments and Title 1 students' scores higher than large school district passing rates. However, I found I was sorely wrong.  Students learned but it was taxing on our relations. It almost felt like punishment.

Then I went overboard with reward systems! That wasn't it either! Too much time, money and effort used! Mostly time that could be used for learning was being compromised through unnecessary techniques!


NEW Approach to Classroom Management

Through reading expert books, conferences, workshops and research, I discovered bits and pieces of successful and efficient classroom management strategies and tips. 

Through research, we are discovering that rewards and punishments do not affect change in student behavior and therefore don't work in behavior modification.

 I combined all that I know works for behavior modification, and supported by research, into the SEVEN tools of Educator Success Classroom Management System. We tackle Classroom management PRO-actively, which is working SMARTER and not harder! Then we use these same tools to problem solve for our specific situations!

Let's get back to TEACHING and not behavior management!