SEVEN TOOLS TO Create your BEST learning environment!


Teach Expectations with Exactness Tool (TEE)

FIVE easy steps (one is brand new AND makes ALL the difference) to TEACH the students your BEHAVIOR  expectations (not character expectations). We don't tell them, we teach them for clarity in expectations.You have NOT seen how to teach behaviors until you've seen this!

Care Component Tool

Building relationships with students. Praise vs. care. Included is our secret weapon to handle your most challenging students. FOCUSING on what affects classroom management!

Loving Discipline F.I.T "Focus Intervention Tool"

Self correcting, non-punitive method for students to be held accountable for their behavioral choice. NOT punishment!

Effective and Engaging Lessons Tool

Lessons that inspire learning and manage behavior. ​How, what we teach is important to good classroom management.

Classroom Setup for Success Tool

Physical set up, where we teach and procedures for excellent management.

Preparing Yourself Tool

Getting yourself ready and staying READY to take control of your classroom.


Self Control Tool

Techniques to eliminate those pesky learning time-stealing behaviors.