Teachers are talking!

2nd Year Teacher Success

Ms. Grimes (First Grade Dual Language Immersion, 2nd year)

She eliminated reward systems and her students scored highest in math than the other veteran teachers!! 

Students SUCCEED in Specialists!

Ms. Tseu's class was responsive and on task while visiting my classroom. I can tell they have a deep understanding of the rules. 

~ Specialist Teacher - Wendy C.

I'm NOT mean!!

I really like using the statements you suggest that curb an escalating situation. I don't feel so mean!  

Teacher 4th grade, M. Rigford.

Student Endorsement!

This is fair. I don't feel like I'm picked on! 

                 - Mariana

I knew what was expected and I felt like my teacher cared.

                   - Tommy

We can finally learn and the rowdy kids don't make it hard for us anymore!


 - Jennifer

Same Students from last year????

I got to substitute for a whole week in music. Of the few classes that were behaving well, the one that stood out in particular was Ms. Tseu's class. I knew most of them from last year and this year, they weren't talkative and went right to work, listened attentively and did what they were asked to do which included no talking to their neighbor. There were also those students that last year were never quiet when they were suppose to but were this year. This was a big change!! I was really impressed!  

Christine M. - Sub music teacher

Custodian Endorsement

Being a custodian for over 20 years, the students' behavior in the lunchroom this year has improved a lot!

                            ~ Custodian Ronnie