Creating a classroom environment where the students WANT to intrinsically behave!

**Manage your classroom environment, not your students! **


PRO - Active Approach!! NOT Re-active with rewards and punishments!

SEVEN tools are the answer to setting up your classroom environment for student behavior success!!!

Increased learning, not quiet students, is the goal of your classroom management!!


What's New About This?

++ Managing the Classroom learning environment, not managing students OR their behaviors!!

++ Eliminate the need for reward systems and punishments

Research shows rewards and punishments do NOT dictate how a child will behave.  Save MONEY, time and effort!

++  Teach behaviors clearly, not "tell" or not character traits. Behaviors are kinesthetic

++ Simple ways to instruct the students

++ No more extra explaining

++ Secret step in teaching expected behaviors!

++ Ultimately create MORE learning time!

++ Build community and relationships (subtle anti-bullying technique)